By: Blonde Two

I have always fancied one of those American Indian names like ‘Dances with Wolves’. However I am not sure they would sound quite so majestic in Devon, you would have to be called ‘Screeches with Gulls’, ‘Munches with Sheep’ or ‘Ruminates with Bullocks’ instead, as we are (presently) a bit short of wolves.

On Monday you could have maybe called me ‘Swims with Whales’… if you had been prepared to stretch the truth a bit. For a start, you are not supposed to swim with whales or go and visit them in a boat, not that is, if they have been kind enough to visit your little part of the ocean. Which is what they have been doing recently. South Devon has been blessed with visits from one (or maybe two) humpback whales. They were originally in the Slapton area but over last weekend and on Monday there were some amazing sightings in Torbay. I have to say the pictures make it look as if the whales are very happy swimming in Torbay, I can understand why, it makes me happy too.

So back to ‘Swims with Whales’ (rather than ‘Looks Like a Whale Whilst Swimming’). On Monday morning some friends and I took our usual dip at the town beach in Torquay whilst the whale was entertaining crowds round towards Brixham (as the whale swims about 4 km). We couldn’t see any signs of whale from where we were, which was just as well because I suspect that would have been terrifying, but in theory we were sharing the water with it/them.

So ‘Swims with Whales’ I was, for at least 15 minutes!

I wonder if he/they knew we were there.