By: Blonde Two

We Blondes were asked the above question a fair few times at the Ordnance Survey publicity day last Tuesday. Sometimes we remembered everything, sometimes we didn’t. We discovered that it is harder to remember things when a camera is pointing at you. Apparently, when you are a “Champion“,  you are allowed to look at some cameras but not at others. I think the clue is size; don’t look at any camera bigger than say, a box of tissues and definitely not at ones with fuzzy things attached to them. Pointing tablet devices however, are fine to look at (which is just as well because they seemed to be everywhere).

We both came away from the day wondering if 2016 would finally be the year when the Two Blondes bit off more Get Outside than even they could chew. During one camera-less (and thus more relaxed) interview, two Get Outside items seemed to be the expected norm; I think we got to five before we stopped. Admittedly, our things weren’t ‘Run across Malawi.’ or ‘Compete in a triathlon.’ like some of our brave fellow champions; but our list was burgeoning, and we hadn’t included Scotland’s Snow, Wales’ Bothies, Dartmoor’s Wild Camps, Ten Tors’ Training or Exmoor’s Expeditions.

The other thing that we neglected to mention was our (slightly more than) full-time teaching jobs. Just as well we teachers have those massive, marking and planning free, long holidays that you are all so envious of isn’t it!?!