By: Blonde Two

As you lovely Blondettes know (not sure about you blokes), what you wear underneath your walking gear, is just as important for walking comfort as which jacket you choose to keep you dry. I have recently discovered that the same applies to what you wear under bright pink boiler suits (I am resisting the urge to call mine Big-Pink!)

I have tried a few combinations (pun intended):

a) Pretty pants and matching bra. I hardly ever wear these, so why I ended up with them under my boiler suit, I have no idea. Maybe the hope of a romantic paddock encounter (I only ever meet cows) or (more likely) I had run out of more workaday underthings. Anyway, the pretty pants spent their whole time wedged where no pants should go (luckily said boiler suit has handy, ‘pull-your-pants-out-of-your-bum’ slits in the side); and the matching bra produced a considerable amount of ‘fall-out’ when bonfire building, so no good either!

b) Workaday pants and sports bra. Bra was much better, no boob spillage and the garment is so all-encompassing that it looks like a trendy gym top, with a little bit of boiler-zip undone (I am sure the cows appreciated it). The pants though were still a problem; I can remember this from my flirtation with dungarees in the 80’s. It would appear that any full-body suit creates an upwards-knicker-motion. I wonder how astronauts cope.

c) No pants! Helly Hansen leggings and sports bra. Still with comfortable, containable breasts; and the leggings were a revelation. I had worried that I might end up in hospital having a whole garment removed from my rear-end; but they stayed perfectly in place, and worked very well with my gumboots. The only thing was though that, by the end of the day, the Helly’s lived up to their Smelly-Helly nickname. Next time I will try merino ones, but I left all of those at home. Coals to Newcastle and all that …