By: Blonde One

I’ve always thought that cars are very personal spaces and say a lot about their owner. The Blonde One mobile, I hope is the exception in some ways. I have the usual stuff like tissues, maps, Jelly Babies, etc. I also have a variety of things that have been left behind by teenagers. In the past I have had Search’s shoes in my car for a number of weeks. There is usually some piece of kit of theirs, left behind after an expedition, waiting to be transported back to its home. I’ve had socks, paperwork, tents, sweets, and all sorts of other things. Currently in the boot of my car is the weirdest thing they have ever left behind: a bone! Although its quite short we think it belongs to a fairly substantial animal: a horse perhaps. They found it on Dartmoor, thought it looked interesting and decided to take it home. Except that it has been with me ever since. They decided it wasn’t so interesting after all and didn’t want to reclaim it. I have to admit to quite liking it where it is; it adds a bit of variety to the usual load!