By: Blonde Two

Mr B2 and I were recently lucky enough to be invited by Six-Foot-Blonde and his lovely girlfriend to stay with them at her family beach hut on Hengistbury Head. It was an amazing experience to sleep inside but within such easy reach of the sea. As ever I picked up a few tips about how to have a beach hut holiday. Here are my 10 things you need for a beach hut holiday.

A beach hut you can sleep in

Sounds easy but these beauties are quite tricky to find. There are some great looking beach huts here or you really will need to start making the right kind of friends!

Some family to share your beach hut with

Family or very good friends are definitely the best bet here. With little privacy and ‘dormitory’ style sleeping arrangements, you will find yourself in close quarters. Fun if you know that you can all get along but not so great if you can’t.

A friendly dog

A dog may seem like a handful in a small space but he will give you the perfect excuse to Get Outside and appreciate your surroundings even if it is raining. Some dogs (this one included) will also do a very good job of eating any nasty mosquitos that may creep in with the evening air.

A box or two of wine

There is something about sea air and sea swimming that makes you very thirsty… plus you need something to do with your hands while you stare away at your ever changing view.

A pack of cards for beach hut card games

Entertainment in a beach hut is all about getting away from it all so take a pack of cards and learn a couple of card games before you go.

A friendly approach to your beach hut neighbours

‘Hutters’ (yes that is what they are called) are an eclectic and friendly bunch. Take the time to say ‘hello’ to your temporary neighbours and get used to seeing them in their pyjamas and bikinis (sometimes at the same time!)

Big beach hut jugs!

Well you can use a water carrier and some, very posh, beach huts even have water tanks and taps. We loved the two big enamel jugs however that needed to be filled at tap 1 (or was it tap 0.5) every morning.

A badly behaved beach hut bladder

I would usually advocate a bladder that can get you through the night and into the later morning but, at a beach hut, there is a distinct advantage to being up and wandering along the beach at first light. Beach hut sunrises, it turns out, are something worth being awake for!

Hoummous and pitta bread

This, apparently, is what you eat whilst living in a beach hut and it does make a most sensible meal, no mess, no waste and can easily be called breakfast, lunch, tea or supper.

A beach hut sense of adventure

With so many great sitting inside and ‘watching the beach hut world go by’ opportunities, you may be tempted to give in to beach hut relaxation just that little bit too much. Don’t forget to Get Outside as well and do as much swimming, cycling, windy walking and kite flying as you can fit in… who knows when you will be invited back again!