By: Blonde Two

After a DofE expedition, Blonde One often asks our youngsters two important questions about their rucksacks:

Question 1: What did you take that you could have left behind?
Question 2: What did you wish you had brought with you?

The answers to these questions are often revealing. Who knew that Patsy was carrying two Harry Potter books or that Melissa had stashed her battery-powered hair straighteners in her bag? (I don’t think we have ever had a Patsy or a Melissa and I certainly don’t know if battery-powered straighteners are a thing).

After our struggles with our bigger packs during our DofE Diamond Challenge, it seemed sensible for us Blondes to ask each other the same questions. Here are our answers (well the ones we can tell you about anyway!)

Blonde One:

“The heaviest thing by a mile was my tablet. I wish I could have left it behind but it was an essential piece of book writing kit.”

“I will never, ever, ever do a 3 day expedition without some moisturiser!”

“I wish I had taken my proper camera instead of relying on my phone camera, which is not good enough.”

Blonde Two:
“I really didn’t need my glass bottle of Clarins foundation. I spent the whole trip looking red and blotchy whether I wore it or not.”

“I could have managed without my sunglasses, it hailed every time I put them on.”

“I wish I had brought two bags of Frazzles. They were the only thing I felt like eating!”

“Three pairs of knickers for a three day expedition are actually not enough!”

As you can imagine, we spent quite a lot of time talking about what we could have left out. My bag of clothes was my heaviest thing and I went over and over them in my head. We would be interested to hear what your backpacking essentials are (and aren’t!)