By: Blonde One

I think it’s safe to say that the Two Blondes, their families and all you blog readers are keen on reading. We have a varied mix of tastes between us but it’s probably also safe to say that we like reading about travel in some form or other.

Little Miss Blonde and I have a shared interest in reading books from Lonely Planet. They were first known probably for writing guides to different locations (mostly exotic and remote) around the world. Little Miss Blonde always makes sure that she gets a copy before jetting off to the next destination.

What we’ve recently discovered is the Lonely Planet books full of tales from people’s adventures. The latest addition to our bookshelf is ‘Tales from Nowhere’. Incidentally there’s a place on the Isles of Scilly called ‘Nowhere’ and a pub in Devon called ‘The Nobody Inn’! Anyway back to the book, it’s full of stories about things that have happened in what seemed like ordinary places. They seem to all be told in an informal humorous voice which makes it easy to pick up when you have a spare 5 minutes. Here’s a couple of the topics to whet your appetite:

A house that suddenly appears in Mississippi after hurricane Katrina.

Pol Pot’s toilet seat hanging on a pub wall.

A stormy crossing of the Atlantic in a cargo ship.

An emotional reaction to ‘inestimable purity and beauty’.

I can’t wait to get stuck into this book but I suppose I’ll have go wait for Little Miss Blonde to read it first (well, she did buy it, after all)!