By: Blonde One

I don’t mean are you a Charlie Chaplin style walker or a Morecombe and Wise style walker – I mean what pace, stride, etc do you keep to on Dartmoor?

After numerous years of walking with youngsters I have come to recognise some very distinct types that occur year after year.

1. There is the walker that runs ahead of everyone else only to sit down while everyone catches up and be the last one to start walking. This style is very irritating to everyone else and soon it will become apparent that they are not really team players.

2. The walker who lags behind at the back moaning and groaning about how far it is, how steep it is, how cold it is, etc, etc. This one is also very irritating but seems to be very determined and keeps coming back, walk after walk.

3. The overly cheerful walker, who will sing silly songs, tell jokes, play games, and see the funny side in every situation, no matter how bad it is! This one is not at all irritating and is a very valuable asset to the group.

4. The quiet, confident one, who turns out to be a natural navigator, an excellent team leader and a lovely person. This style of walker will also have the tidiest ruck sack, the neatest hair and the cleanest gaiters.

5. The underconfident one, usually a girl, who will claim to not be very good at everything, despite successfully leading the group across a particularly barren part of the moors.

Despite all of these types of walkers, irritating or not, we love taking them out and it makes us laugh to compare, year on year, how there are always similarities between them. Each style of walk now has its own name based on the first time we saw it. Number one style walker for instance is “a George”. Can you recognise any of the styles?