By: Blonde Two

Yesterday, if Blonde One hadn’t been off exploring the snow in Norway, we Blondes would have had a party. We aren’t great party goers, preferring damp tents to ballrooms, down jackets to long dresses and walking boots to stilettos (well, I have never actually tried ballrooms, long dresses or stilettos); but nonetheless, I am sure it would have been a very good party.

Blonde Champions

It would have been a very good party because we have a good reason to celebrate. We Two Blondes have now been writing a daily blog post for three years (1095 days). This sadly is not an official world record; but Blonde research did find the following interesting blog related achievements:

1. As of 29th July 2010, Darren Murph (he is an American) had written 17,212 professional blog posts (written for external agencies). Word has it that he wrote 12 blog posts (average word count 266) per hour during that time. To date, we Blondes have written a total of 1,491 posts (1,477 published) for our blog, 5 for external agencies and 4 for the Guardian (3 published to date, one with 155,000 hits!).

2. In 2008, Yusuke Kamiji’s personal blog received 230,755 unique visitors in 24 hours I have read it (not in Japanese) and am not sure why it was so popular (but I am a bit jealous!) Our most popular blog post ever was the Blonde time trial of Jetboil and Brukit stoves; it was read by 219 people (and if you remember, included no timing whatsoever!)

Jetboil and Brukit 2

3. Despite considerable Blonde research (and internet distraction) I couldn’t find a record for consecutive daily personal blog posts. However, the equivalent record for video blogs (vlogs) is 2,200 We Blondes have recently considered vlogging (it was not a popular suggestion amongst our readers) and have only ever posted one video on our blog (we got told off for that one!)

Bog Manga Hill

4. Once again Blonde research has failed; and I cannot find the record for a blog post with the most comments (there is plenty of information for other forms of social media). Our most commented post (20) ever was the one about my redundancy (lots of nice comments), but I far prefer the second most commented post (19) which was about sandwiches (eating is so much more fun than losing one’s job!) Our most prolific commenter is Starfire (pictured on the right), and to date we have received 5,299 comments on our blog.

B2 and Starfire

All of which leads me on to the original question in today’s title. We have minds overflowing with ideas of what to write about in 2016, but what is it that you Blondees and Blondettes really want to read? More outdoor gear? More political comment? More walks? More about Dartmoor? More Blonde silliness? Do let us know, maybe this post will be the one to beat our 20 comments record …