By: Blonde One

It’s always good to get out and about finding things that are interesting (or even finding things that are not so interesting!). A walk will offer lots of flora to look at as well as man made features. What I’ve found particularly nice recently is listening to my group of Bronze DofE participants planning their routes around the Devon countryside and wondering about certain features that they can see on the map. I’ve been particularly pleased to hear students say phrases such as: ‘I wonder what that looks like’ and ‘is that as big as it looks on the map’. To have sparked their curiosity in the world around them is something that I am quite pleased with!

After some sessions in the classroom I went out for myself to do a recce of their route and was fascinated to see that the ‘tower’ on the map is an old windmill that looks as if it’s still inhabited. The pool on the map didn’t seem to be as big as I expected but the stream running from it was much more pretty than I had imagined. I was very satisfied to find out what these features actually looked like and I look forward to hearing from the participants how they feel when they see them for themselves.