By: Blonde One

I’ve always thought it would be amazing to invent something new. Something so fantastically useful and quirky that it would be used and talked about forever. Something that would save time, save lives and save the environment. Ok, enough. My thoughts about inventions does mean that I am very appreciative of things that others have invented that make life easier. I love the humble cheese grater, the brilliant corkscrew and the cattle grid. Yes, you heard me correctly, I do think that the cattle grid was an absolutely inspired invention! The Two Blondes recently went on a walk that had its fair share of cattle grids and it sparked off a conversation about how different each of them was. We were amazed to discover that they are not all the same. We found one that had round poles instead of flat metal rungs (they were bouncy too), one that had uneven rungs and one that had rungs of differing width. It’s amazing what you notice! I have a friend who always says when in a new city “don’t forget to look up”, referring to the architecture, but I now will say to her “don’t forget to look down”. I will run the risk of sounding like a complete nerd (or is it geek) by admitting that I have since looked up the history of cattle grids! They date back to 1915 and were invented by Mr Hickey (I wonder if he invented the lovebite too) of the USA. My most amazing discovery by far was a cattle grid that comes with a small ramp inside to allow small animals to escape that are small enough to fall through the rungs and not big enough to escape!

I will continue to try to come up with an amazing invention but don’t hold your breath as the nearest thing I can invent so far is some sort of sweety filled jacket!!!