By: Blonde Two

As you know, we Blondes had a certain measure of success last Christmas with our debut children’s book, ‘The Dartmoor Christmas Tree’.  Thank you very much if you played a part in that.  We are making plans to ensure that DCT does even better over Christmas 2015.

In the meantime, we have some more Blonde publications in the pipeline.  We are not going to tell you lovely people what they are yet because Blondes love secrets … but we think they are going to be good!

What we thought would be lovely today would be if you fabulous Blondees and Blondettes let us know what books you would like to see Two Blondes Walking (we are an actual real live company) publish.  Would you like to read;

1)  A Mills and Blonde?  Maybe something steamy?

2)  An anthology of Blonde poetry?  Maybe something arty?

3)  Blonde One’s guide to cooking?  Maybe something tasty?

4)  MasterBlonde?  Maybe something quizzical?

5)  I-Blonde?  Maybe some science fiction?

6)  Sherlock Blonde?  Maybe something with clues?

7)  Planet of the Blondes?  Maybe something futuristic?

8)  Blonde and Blondjudice?  Something witty?

9)  Frankenblonde?  Something monstrous?

10)  Alice in Blonderland?  Something utterly weird?  (Oh no, we do that already.)

As you can see, we have a few ideas but if you think you have any better ones, do please let us know.  Our writing career is in its infancy and you guys are, after all, our very best customers!