By: Blonde One



The answer to the question ‘what’s for dinner?’ would have had a sorry ‘nothing’ response if it wasn’t for the very kind Amanda Pender from the Scilly island of Bryher this week.

Mr Blonde One and I had caught the boat over to Bryher for a half day of wandering and mooching. We decided to catch the 2.30 return boat so that we could catch the Co-op before its 4pm close time. After several hours of blissful relaxation we changed our minds and decided that the 4.45 boat was in order. We thought we would go to the local fishmonger on Bryher and then the stores to purchase our tea before returning to St Mary’s. Well, you remember what happened to the best laid plans don’t you?!

We arrived at ‘Island Fish’ (just a tiny cottage with a small handmade sign) to be told by the lady sat outside reading, that they were closed. Our disappointment must have shown on our faces as she jumped up and enquired what it was we were after. After explaining we just wanted something for dinner she told us that her son had only just returned from fishing and had brought back some pollock that we could have. She apologised that it was not filleted but exclaimed that at least it was fresh: caught less than 2 hours before.

We very gratefully handed over our £4 (yes, just £4 for a large fresh pollock) and told her our plan to go to the store to get some potatoes to go with it. She looked at us with a frown and told us the store was closed too! After laughing with her about how we might have to have pollock sandwiches she got on the phone to her mum who lived close by and sold vegetables, and asked her if she had any she could bring down to us. Unfortunately mum said no, she had sold out! Back to square one and pollock sandwiches. She then scurried off into her own kitchen and came out clutching a bag of her own potatoes for us! We were amazed and a little overwhelmed at her kindness. Generosity is truly alive and well on the island of Bryher!

And as for our dinner that night… well it was the best dinner that we have ever had. Pollock and sautéd potatoes seasoned with gratitude.