By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes like to be organised, we like to know where we stand and we certainly like to know what to expect. These same rules of life apply to shops. We know that if we go into Taunton Leisure (in Taunton and elsewhere) we will find leisure items for sale. We are reassured that in Kountry Kit there will be lots of items of country kit. Cotswold Outdoors doesn’t let us down as we find items related to the outdoors. Imagine me shock and intrigue when I came across the shop ‘Jonkers’ in Henley!


I had no idea what to expect and was undecided about whether I should make the trip across the road to explore or to walk on by. Luckily my explorer spirit kicked in and I went to investigate. The shop was full of rare books! Old books are one of life’s pleasures for me and the smell and feel of them fills me with a deep contented happiness. This shop was almost like heaven on earth! Luckily for Mr Blonde One I resisted the temptation to make a purchase. Most of the books that I was tempted by were in the 4 figure price range, although some were in the 5 or 6 figure band! Perhaps when I have made my fortune (!!) I will return and buy that first edition of Jane Eyre at £95,000!?