By: Blonde Two

There are plenty of evocative noises on Dartmoor, especially in the summer (the winter ones tend to involve dripping). Skylarks are probably my favourite, but I love cuckoos and stonechats too. I like the sounds of the wind around the tors and I like the zip sound of my sleeping bag (Big Orange) as I cosy in for the night.

There are noises that are annoying too. My winter walking trousers are noisy. Blonde One has gently pointed out to me that my pink Sigg bottle makes a strange sound when I guzzle water in the middle of the night. When I have finished guzzling water, the sound of wee hitting the grass is a distinctive one (I don’t make Blonde One listen to that!) Too many tent zip sounds can be a bit wearing, as can excessive late night chatter from teams of youngsters.

Not-At-All-Blonde and I noticed a new noise the other day. It was a quiet but persistently regular popping. It was a hot day and I am fairly convinced that it was the gorse sending its seeds out.