By: Blonde One

You might think that a Blonde walk is a Blonde walk and there can’t be much difference between walks but I had evidence this week that in one day, two very different walks were had.

In the morning I went for an hour long walk (not bimble) with Mrs Christmas (not the actual Mrs Christmas, but a friend with another very seasonal name) and the afternoon was spent with Blonde Two on one of our favourite parts of Dartmoor. Here’s the list of differences:

Woodland not moorland.

No rucksacks.

No long distance views.

No stops (to admire view, drink coffee or catch breath).

Choice of one path.

Different mud (woodland mud is the disgusting sticky brown type that clings to boots and makes them 10 times heavier than when you started walking).

No slow speeds (power walking only).

Lots and lots of children in brightly coloured wellies (not annoying) and dogs (usually annoying as they try to play with you).

Smells of leaves and trees instead of peat and bracken.


Although the two walks were hugely different, I enjoyed them both immensely and felt very lucky to have such nice places to walk in and such lovely friends to walk with.