By: Blonde Two

One of the greatest things about being outside is that it is never a static environment. This means that when you get outside you are likely to come across something entertaining enough to stop you in your tracks and contemplate for a while. (Contemplation, by the way, is a good thing and to be encouraged).

Last week after one of my morning swims, I wandered back along the seafront and encountered some ducks. To my mind seeing ducks in the sea is unusual but this particular seafront is sometimes visited by them and also by a pair of swans. On this occasion, the ducks consisted of two mums (I believe the dads were watching football) who were encouraging their prospective broods of offspring into the water.

The elder brood was doing well, they appeared to be unphased by the slight swell and were clearly enjoying flipping the water over their backs. The younger brood, however, were less than eager to enter the water and their antics were just brilliant to watch. Encouraged by mum they would totter warily down to the sea but as soon as a ripple reached one on the beach, panic ensued and was accompanied by an undignified scurrying back to the sea wall by all except mum.

A most entertaining spectacle which drew a friendly and chatty crowd. Friendliness and chattiness, by the way, are another great thing about outdoor life.