By: Blonde Two

We Blondes are very determined, and one of the things that we are determined about concerns the “Big Dic”. Not what you might imagine, (naughty, naughty) the “Big Dic” is the Oxford English Dictionary.

We are determined that one day, our Blonde-word “Jobby” will appear in the “Big Dic”. Our work will then be done, we will have influenced the English language and we will reign supreme.

Before I start hyperventilating (again!) I had better remind you what a jobby is! A while ago, we Blondes decided that, as our Dartmoor/blogging antics took up such a large proportion of our time, they needed an official title. We couldn’t claim them as jobs because they didn’t bring in an income (quite the opposite in fact) and we couldn’t claim them as hobbies because there was usually a lot of work involved.

So the jobby was born, and long may it continue! Except that, our jobby has grown and grown (I think we may have watered it too much out on Dartmoor) and now we Blondes are confused because it looks quite like a job. We are loathe to think of another word but are not sure that our jobby is still a jobby. Here is the evidence, what do you think?

1. We still wander around Dartmoor on our own when we get the chance – not as often! (hobby).

2. We still wander around Dartmoor with youngsters – for even more of the year! (jobby).

3. We are still writing a blog post every day. (jobby).

4. We love meeting and working with Dartmoor people. (jobby).

5. We have written and published (and are now selling) a book. (This is where it becomes difficult. Another labour of Blonde love but is ‘The Dartmoor Christmas Tree’ the Two Blondes first real job?

I am a bit worried what the answers to these conundrums might be. I will leave it up to you Blondees and Blondettes to decide!