By: Blonde One

Mr Blonde One and I recently took a pre-New Year trip away. We wanted somewhere not too far away but that felt as if we were ‘away’. The obvious choice was Wales. To get the most ‘away’ feeling we decided on North Wales. We had the most lovely trip, staying at the fabulous Aberdunant Hotel that was nicely nestled in the mountains of Snowdonia.

It was good to be somewhere different and we both felt refreshed and ready to tackle 2017 after our visit. Despite the fact that we were only a few hours drive from home there were numerous quite significant differences from home. Almost as soon as we had crossed the bridge (£6.60 well spent if you ask me) we were treated to fine views of mountains and hills, with the most amazing cloud inversion. The adjective ‘breathtaking’ seems a little far-fetched but the landscape did indeed take my breath away. Castles stood proudly against the skyline reminding us of the country’s rich history.  

At one point I almost felt as if I was back in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco when I saw the mountain goats skipping along. We are much more used to seeing sheep and Dartmoor ponies wandering around the hills. Obviously Wales is a different country with its own language and I really did feel that sense of being ‘abroad’, and being an admiring visitor in someone else’s land.