By: Blonde Two

There is only one thing more scary to people from Devonshire than going ‘Upcountry’ and that is going to ‘The South East’. I have to admit that my knowledge of the South East of England is very limited, I know where London is… and then the rest of the counties fade into a bit of an English blur.

Blonde One and I had occasion to visit the Strange Land of South East last weekend, we were on a working, walking mission and had a very interesting time exploring. We were both pleased to note that Sussex (we were never quite sure which Sussex we were in) is very green, very pretty and very English. There were woods in which to walk, there was a mill cottage and there was cricket.

That said, there is definitely a South West/South East divide occurring.

Cars were a lot bigger (and we aren’t talking tractors or Landies here), there seemed to be a strange car indicator system that we couldn’t quite translate, people turn up for walks in ‘a nice pair of flats’ (translation – shiny, smart shoes) because ‘it was sunny in London’, the geography of the UK is somewhat awry (with Snowdonia being in England and Devon being North of London) and as for car parking, well that seemed to mostly take place in the middle of the motorway.

If you are worried about accidentally straying into the Strange Land of South East please don’t fret, we Blondes have worked out where the South West ends and the South East starts… it is at Stonehenge. Historians have long-pondered the reasons for Stonehenge’s location, its orientation, and its very existence, they need to so no longer, as usual, we Blondes have sorted it all out!