By: Blonde Two

IMGP5109Blondees and Blondettes, we are pleased and proud to announce our Two Blondes Easter Event.  If you have been paying attention, you will know by now that Blonde One has won me over (I used to be a Wine Gum girl) and that I now enjoy a Jelly Baby whilst out walking across Dartmoor as much as she does.  We felt that it was time that we officially recognised the contribution that Jelly Babies make to our lives.  We hope that you would like to help us to celebrate these faithful, squishy little supporters.

We want to gather pictures of Jelly Babies getting up to as many different things in as many different outdoor places as possible.  To join in, all you need to do is go to our new “Where’s Your Baby” page and upload a photo of your Jelly Babies having fun out and about.  Jelly Babies are jolly little creatures and deserve a good time as much as we do. We would like to see loads of evidence of this.  The Jelly Upload will be available until the end of Easter Monday so you have plenty of time to plan your outings and execute your cunning plans (please don’t execute your Jelly Babies).

On the “Where’s Your Baby” page, you might want to show your appreciation of our little event.  If you have ever found yourself out without Jelly Babies, you might have wondered what it would be like to need a rescue.  The guys at Dartmoor Rescue are always there if needed and rely on public donation so click here if you would like to help to keep them up and rescuing

Just a friendly word of warning – Jelly Babies can be naughty and often hunt in packs. Watch out for naughty photos of bottoms, cheeky gestures or unauthorised face pulling. To help prevent any Jelly Rebelly, we will be checking your photos for naughtiness before they are allowed on our site so don’t worry if they don’t appear straight away when you upload them.

Start planning guys, it is time to have some Blonde JellyFun!