By: Blonde One

We all know that an army marches on its stomach and I figured that our mountain trip would be no exception. The discussions began in earnest long ago about which snacks and sweets were best to take with us. The whole team decided that it was a serious issue that needed careful consideration. Discussions began relating to the snacks ability to maintain its shape through a long journey. The snack would need to be robust enough not to crush to crumbs, this ruled out biscuits and crisps. The snack would need to be lightweight so as not to exceed the 20kg baggage allowance. We would need to actually want to eat our snack, so it would need to be tasty. Banana chips were ruled out at this point. The snack would need to be easily accessible with no fiddly wrappers. Most importantly the snack would need to be able to withstand extreme heat – over 40° in Marrakech: so no chocolate. A very scientific experiment ensued to make sure we could say with certainty which sweets were heat proof.  The Two Blondes have seen video evidence of jelly babies being microwaved – it was not pretty. So I conducted the same test on a few options. The winners of the microwave test were Foxes fruits and Werthers (although it is recommended that the foil wrapper is removed from the Werthers before trying to replicate this experiment!). These 2 sweets proved very successful and although they are in no way a replacement for the trusty jelly babies, they proved popular. The other snack of choice was the good old cereal bar. It was tasty, crush proof (almost), melt proof and provided much needed energy!