By: Blonde Two

Thomas (the hero of my new children’s book) would say that Ordnance Survey are, “… very clever and know how tall hills are and which way north is.” Are you clever? Do you know?

Today the Two Blondes will be engaged in the very important business of teaching fifteen other people (all ladies) how to find north (and indeed how to find south, east and west). We will also be showing them how to read and give grid references, how to judge distance on a map, how to walk on a bearing and how to write a route card that will enhance both their walk and their safety.

We are (with a few nerves) really looking forward to our first navigation workshop (in conjunction with and thanks to Dartmoor National Park) and have been really busy preparing. We have written some tasks, organised the weather (I hope), had several meetings, decided who is going to buy biscuits and packed the Jelly Babies. Thanks are also due to Ordnance Survey who have been very helpful, with the loan of some compasses and the donation of some most excellent navigation leaflets. Can you spot the Blonde Champions below?


If you are coming along today, see you soon! You could use a code sentence to tell us that you have read today’s post. How about, “Yellow Jelly Babies are very naughty!

If you are not coming today then you need to ask yourself the question in the title of this blog post. If you don’t know the answer, then maybe you should consider taking up one of the spaces still available on our family workshops on Monday July 25th and Saturday September 3rd.

Costs: Adults (18+) £15; children (under 18) £10; family (2 adults/2 children) £35. For more information contact the National Park Centre, Princetown. Tel: (01822) 890414. Email: