By: Blonde Two

Lots of things were new at Ten Tors this year.  New routes, new registration system (well I think it was a system) and some new team numbers.  It was odd really, that they were still called team numbers, because none of them actually had any numbers in them.  Our poor 35 team had a rather unfortunate two letter code which sadly, I can’t (for reasons of disguise) tell you and the 55s wasn’t that much better.

I learnt very quickly that, when dealing with the army, if you wanted to be taken seriously you had to use the phonetic alphabet when giving them your team’s code.  I am a tiny bit in awe of men in green uniforms and knew that there was a risk that my Blondeness would lead to a mis-choosing of phonetic representations.  For example, the Blonde phonetic alphabet might start like this … Angel, Blonde, Car Keys, Dimpsy, Eggnog … Imagine how awful it might have been if I had got things this wrong.  Which is probably why, if you had been listening closely in the hangar at Okehampton Camp, this year, you might have heard a Blonde whispering “Charlie, Delta”, “Lima, Onion no! Oscar” (other team numbers are available) before approaching the men-in-green desk.

One fun thing about the phonetic alphabet is that you can Sierra Whisky Echo Alpha Romeo without your blog reading mum or Aunty noticing.  Look … Bravo Oscar Lima Lima Oscar Charlie Kilo Sierra!  Actually, have just remembered that said Aunty is very, very good at all things signalling and radio (oops!)

You may like to admire a particular piece of Blondeness that occurred while I was sat on the loo earlier.  I was saying my own and Blonde One’s phonetic initials out loud and actually found myself surprised that they began with the same letters as our names.  It has clearly been a very, very long week!