By: Blonde Two

I have to wear a Christmas jumper to work today. I don’t have one, but luckily Not-at-all-Blonde is back from university and has very kindly brought me two from which to choose. Me being a bit of a Friday-Rebel at the moment, I am very tempted to wear the one that says, “Nice Baubles!” across the front of it. I may have to conform though and wear the brown reindeer one instead.

Christmas clothes are a bit funny; for example, did you know that real shepherds don’t wear tea towels, and that nobody actually likes wearing a misshapen band of floppy tissue paper on their head? Also, who said that mum has to look glamorous while she bastes a turkey? Just because that bird looks shiny and tasty, doesn’t mean that this bird has to too. I blame Nigella for this one!

I do, however, think that I look quite good in a Santa hat. I’m not sure if it is the Blonde-hair-against-white-fur, or the bright red reflecting the colour in my eyes (I mean lips). Ignatius Bowerman also looks good in a Santa hat. It took Mr Blonde Two and I a long time to persuade him to try it, and he didn’t smile; but I think he secretly quite enjoyed the experience, especially when I got the mistletoe out!