By: Blonde One


We Blondes love a good list. They are what keeps us sane (ish) in our busy lives and they make sure that we both know what we’re doing (again … ish). Have a look at some of our Tuesday’s Ten blogs for more lists.

Recently though we’ve discovered a very strange phenomenon with our lists. ‘Holly’ keeps appearing! Now, I have a very good friend called Holly, who is very lovely and would be welcome to come on any of our adventures, but to our knowledge this isn’t the Holly that keeps appearing. It all started when I looked back through my notebook and wondered what the list was that was entitled ‘Holly’. It was written a few years ago and we have absolutely no idea why it had this title. You will notice that it is a strange list as it includes lots of outdoorsy type things but also has ‘posh clothes’ and ‘spa stuff’! Weird.

A later list (written in pink) suggests that I need to take some light sticks that are not meant for Holly. It seems rather selfish of us not to share our light sticks with Holly, whoever she is.

The situation has become so ‘blonde’ now that Holly gets added to our lists as a matter of routine. Blonde Two has rightly suggested that we should consider giving her a bit of a telling off, as she needs to write her own list in future.