By: Blonde Two

It would appear that, at last, after year’s of work, our Jelly Baby art has finally been recognised. We can’t tell you yet by whom, but we can tell you a little story about some Jelly Babies, Two Blondes and a red-breasted scoundrel.

Jelly Baby art is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be prepared to lug sacks of the little Jelly creatures around with you in your rucksack to find stunning locations. Once you have found the stunning location you then have to listen to a plethora of tiny voices, all shouting, ‘Choose me! Choose me!’. Selection is difficult and we don’t always get it right, some Jelly Babies are naughtier than others and refuse to stand up straight. Others go even further and push their friends over in order to completely spoil a picture.

Once you have all of the Jelly Babies standing in some sort of family order you have to get a few, well-focused shots in before the misbehaviour starts all over again. Here is Blonde One doing just that!


On Saturday we were fulfilling a Jelly Baby art commission, (things they don’t tell you during careers lessons) when we noticed a sneaky thief trying to make off with our Jelly Babies.

We don’t know if the Red-Breasted One was in cahoots with the Jellied Ones as part of an elaborate escape plan, but it didn’t look good for Mr Green when the Robin finally sneaked past us and got hold of him!