By: Blonde Two


Two Blondes Walking

As you know we Blondes have a very serious reason for taking Jelly Babies out walking with us; when the chips (and the cloud) are down, high-calorie emergency rations can make a huge difference to team morale, sensible decision making and your ability to keep warm. The other reason we take Jelly Babies out walking with us, of course, is that they are great company. Here are a few Jelly Baby personality traits:

  • Jelly Babies love to show off and have their photo taken
  • Yellow Jelly Babies generally have more of a cheeky nature than their friends
  • Jelly Babies are a great at making people smile towards the end of a wet, cold walk
  • Jelly Babies are pretty good at map and compass navigation
  • Jelly Babies love their overseas cousins, this pair are from New Zealand

Once we realised how much the Jelly Babies loved having their photo taken we got into the habit of photographing them in all of our favourite Dartmoor walking locations (other locations are available).

If you remember, back in March 2013 we even ran a Jelly Baby photo competition, which had our followers taking photos of Jelly Babies on their favourite walks all over the UK.

And then there was the Jelly Baby Christmas cake (they insisted on having one).

Well now, after much clamouring from the rucksack, the Jelly Babies have got their own way and finally (well very nearly) made it onto TV. On Tuesday January 30th, at 19:30 ITV will be showing Britain’s Favourite Walks: Top 100. It’s going to be a most excellent whole two hours all about walks that viewers all over the UK love and enjoy. We thought it was very considerate of ITV to take into account the walking preferences of a few sugary, small fellas but they did and the Jelly Babies finally got their day in front of the TV camera.

They were very well behaved but it all turned into a bit of a competition between us and them and it will be interesting to see on Tuesday whether the Jelly Babies or we Blondes ended up with more screen time.

Navigation Training Workshops – Dartmoor

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