By: Blonde One

A recent trip to the outdoors retail world proved very successful. I didn’t spend lots of money (cue sigh of relief from Mr Blonde One!), nor did I come home with armfuls of kit that needs to be stored (cue even greater sigh of relief at not having to build an extension to accommodate all the kit). What I did come home with is a very neat and compact addition to my camping gear selection.


Thermarest have very cleverly designed something that extends what most of us outdoorsy people that like a pillow have been doing for years. It has long been a Blonde practice to fill a dry bag with spare clothing and use it as a pillow. This has worked brilliantly.

What Thermarest have done is created a versatile bag that can be used to store your sleeping bag during the walk, and then turned inside out to produce a cosy cloth interior suitable for resting a Blonde head on! Brilliant! It wasn’t that expensive: certainly comparable to a similar dry bag, and is well worth adding to your kit store.

This is also an excellent piece of kit as I know that Little Miss Blonde won’t be borrowing it any time soon. As you may remember she doesn’t usually bother with a pillow and can happily sleep wherever her head hits the ground!