By: Blonde Two

Dear Fellow Walkists

Here is a wild camping conundrum for you. You are an opinionated lot, so I think you will enjoy this one:

Whilst Family von Blonde Zwei (had a Sound of Music moment there!) were up on Dartmoor playing frisbee, drinking gorse tea and not flying kites the other day, I spotted a tent-like shape from the road. Being very nosy and trying not to be officious, I wandered up to take a look.

This is what I found, about three hundred metres from the road and along a clear path. (Okay, so it was exactly 310 metres, I couldn’t resist checking.)Big Wild Tent2Big Wild Tent3Big Wild Tent1

My first thoughts were of the righteous indignation kind … not a ‘lightweight’ tent, visible from the road, middle of the afternoon, well known beauty spot … You get the picture; the hairy, sock and sandal wearing, bog hopping Blonde; who likes to wave her walking stick at people who do not think wild camping is about mud and sleeping in canvas bags.

And then, as I stomped back to my own vehicle, aglow with that righteous indignation; I spotted the campers. They were young, obviously enjoying being outside, were in a designated wild camping zone (cue useful DNPA map and were actually doing no harm.

It is an interesting question isn’t it. I love to see young people enjoying the outdoors. We need them to enjoy it so that they want to look after it when we are old and doddery (and waving our walking sticks); but is ‘Wild Camping’ the same thing as ‘Camping in the Wild’ and are they both okay?

Yours in Indecision

Blonde Two