By: Blonde Two

I’m not really a fan of the colour yellow (Blonde is not the same thing as yellow), flies are though as I discovered once on Dartmoor.

Yellow Jelly Babies (as we all know) are far more badly behaved than their peers and to my mind yellow flowers in a garden or in nature can seem a bit too strident.

Daffodils might be the exception to this rule (fields of rape certainly aren’t), it is hard to not to like yellow at the end of a long winter of Devon grey (sorry Devon).

The daffodils on the Isles of Scilly are (of course) in a universe of their very own. They surpass mainland daffodils (sorry Cornwall) in shades of colour, shape combinations and perfume. These things however are not what I liked best about the Scilly daffodils, what I liked best was their display of free will.

Some of these wayward creatures were resplendent within their closely hedged fields and showy against the opaque chocolate soil but others had escaped and taken to wandering the islands. Who could blame them? Wild roaming daffodils, it would appear, are far more beautiful than their more organised comrades.

They bounced to the beach

They bobbed with the bluebells

They congregated on the coast path

And they made merry round the moorland

I wanted to bring some home… but I couldn’t catch them. You can though (well maybe not in October).

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