By: Blonde Two

It is well known that Blondes enjoy walking. It is probably not so well known that at least one Blonde also enjoys swimming. Which is why we were very excited to be asked to review a new book that is all about … wait for it … walking … be patient … swimming … and cue even more excitement … Dartmoor and South Devon.

‘Wild Swimming Walks: Dartmoor and South Devon’ is a fascinating glimpse into the world of that brave but shy creature, the wild swimmer. It offers 28 (which is a lot) of walks, all of which include at least one wild swimming possibility. We Blondes have decided that wild swimmers are definitely a little bit on the eccentric side; we do however think that this is a most excellent state in which to be, and I have a feeling that most of the swimmers themselves would agree with my suggestion.

Shilley Pool by Sophie Pierce and Matt Newbury

Let me describe what sort of summer you would have if you bought this book and set out to do as many of the walks as possible (this could be a busy August!) You would wallow under wanton waterfalls, shiver in serendipitous springs, be resupine in reflective rivers and paddle in piscatorial pools. Your days would be filled with a soothing mixture of adventure and relaxation, your evenings with smiles and sleepiness. You would, in short, probably be as healthy as as person could ever manage to be.

Sugary Cove by Sophie Pierce and Matt Newbury

Sophie and Matt have woven some clever magic with ‘Wild Swimming Walks: Dartmoor and South Devon’. It offers, in an easy format, the necessary information: routes, tides, safety etc; but all of this is expertly woven through a weft of watery magic. Just as the sunlight glances across a deep pool, their book flashes glimpses of a lifestyle that even the most couch-bound of us must surely want to mimic.

I know that I will be doing some of their walks this summer!

Wild Swimming Walks: Dartmoor and South Devon by Sophie Pierce and Matt Newbury (£14.99, Wild Things Publishing) is available from all good bookshops.

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