By: Blonde One

A constant source of entertainment while on a World Challenge adventure to Morocco is the wildlife. There are all sorts of fascinating creatures to marvel at: some friendly and cute, and some not so friendly and cute!

Here are my highlights this time:

The trusty camel took us on a two hour plod along the beach of Essaouira. It seems happy enough to go at its own pace under the watchful eye of Abdul our camel leader. I walked a bit like John Wayne afterwards though!

The mule that stayed with us for the trek was also quite happy to plod along at its own pace. I think I’d be quite happy if my job took me into the High Atlas Mountains every day! Nothing phased it and it was definitely the most surefooted of all of us. World Challenge policy is to use muleteers who look after their mules. Omar definitely did and we dutifully reported back to World Challenge with our findings.

The team weren’t so keen on the scorpion that we found lurking under a stone. It was a bit one (about 5cm) and we stayed well clear of it!

The highlight of the trip for me, in terms of animal life, has to be the goats in trees. We saw loads and loads! They climb in the Argan trees to eat the leaves and nuts and luckily for us, we drove through the most popular Argan tree growing area.