By: Blonde Two

Most of us have registered by now that the outdoors is good for us, it would seem that walking is particularly good.  Obviously the Two Blondes agree with this.  We both have quite busy, sometimes stressful jobs and are always much smilier Blondes after a good old stomp across Dartmoor or even a wander around some lanes.  You might be interested in the articles linked below:

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No doubt about that then, but did you know that being outdoors is also good for romance? At least that is the theory that we decided to test with our online Outdoor Proposals survey.  This all came about because I was recounting the tale of Mr Blonde Two proposing to me after we had fallen off a sledge on the snowy Malverns – it was very funny and very romantic (I am not sure to this day if he planned it or not).

The survey is still open if you have an outdoor proposal story to tell and would like to take part – just click on this link –, we would be grateful for more respondents so that we can feel like we are doing our bit for Science.  So far our results show that;

1.  80% of outdoor proposals take place somewhere that is high up.  There could be a variety of reasons for this but I like the hypothesis that a combination of reaction to altitude and shortness of breath are more likely to result in a positive answer.

2.  Successful outdoor proposals do not have to be made in sunny weather.  Sunshine is nice but it could be suggested that a cold, shivery proposee will be in more need of a cuddle and know that they are more likely to get one if they say “yes”.

3.  Most people were happy with the spot that had been chosen for the proposal.  One person said that they could have chosen a better spot but as all of the proposals were successful, we have concluded that the exact spot does not really matter.  I have concrete evidence from Wales of this fact.

4.  20% of people said that the fact that the proposal was outdoors made them more likely to accept it.  This, in our opinion, proves the fact that outdoor proposals are the way forward.

So if we have convinced you, the first thing you need to do is find someone to propose to. You might want to do this before you venture up a mountain.  In our experience, mountain tops are often quite lonely places and you might have to wait around for a long time.  If you have found the person but have forgotten where the “outdoors” is – put a coat and some boots on, go out of the door and start walking.  You will get to the right spot eventually.

And here is an example of how lovely it could all be –