By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes are very good at organising things.  So good, in fact, that should any of you dear Blondees or Blondettes wish for a Knees-Up-in-a-Brewery (other initial words are available) then we would be exactly the right people to organise it for you.

Our short trip to Exmoor earlier this week gave an unusual but satisfying example of this. We had walked up to the top of Dunkery Beacon (not too much of a strain) and were having a lovely pasty shaped lunch when Blonde One noticed something that was in disarray.  The sky was a satisfying mixture of blue sections and scudding clouds (is it only clouds that can scud?)  The clouds were all the regulation BBC shape and were hurrying along towards Wales in an orderly manner (it is a little known fact that the Principality has harvesting rights over all of the UK’s clouds) .  All, that is, except the cloud that was nearest to us.  This miscreant was moving in the wrong direction, i.e. towards us, and was decidedly ragged around the edges.

Blonde One was obviously not at all happy with this situation and took it upon herself to have a strong, but friendly, word with the cloud in question.  Almost immediately, the cloud stopped moving and started to tidy itself up.  Blonde organisation was restored.

Later on, as we walked down from the Beacon summit, we observed some very satisfying examples of cloud standardisation and some, rather worrying, anomalies.  If you look carefully at the picture below, you will see a rectangular hole in the cloud. Such organised breaches are rare and should be taken note of.  The ever optimistic Two Blondes christened it, “A window of opportunity.”Window of Opportunity