By: Blonde Two

Right then my wee Blondees and Blondettes. Here I am up in the Cairngorms, having negotiated a lane, a track and a ford to find Cottage-in-the-Middle-of-Nowhere.

At least I hope I have negotiated them; I don’t know yet because today is Wednesday and I am trying my very best to get ahead with blog posts. Why am I getting ahead with blog posts? Well (and this bit of the trip was planned) Cottage-in-the-Middle-of-Nowhere but next to a big hill, has no internet or mobile phone access.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I took a holiday and didn’t spend a chunk of the time blogging about it. We have been to the Isle of Man together, to New Zealand, last year to Austria, and all the way through, I have blathered on about Blonde experiences (sorry!)

Please don’t be too perturbed, blathering on about the all things Cairngorm will commence as soon as I reach a wired zone. In the meantime, I have a feeling that going wireless will be good for me. Poor Mr B2 is very patient about my strange internet habits; but even I realise that a break has to be positive. What will I do though? Well, there is walking of course (I will look some good walks up on the … oh no!) There is reading (I will download a good book to my Kindle … oh no!) There are whisky distilleries to visit (I will look up the opening times … oh no!)

It looks like true relaxation is being forced upon me. When you see me next (and not a blog prepared pre-cursor to me), I shall have untangled my googles, de-twittered my mind and off-blogged myself.

I shall be a new and better Blonde!