By: Blonde One

Yesterday was another epic adventure for the blondes and yet again, it was very successful not least due to the amount of singing involved! Blonde Two is normally in fine voice and can find a song for any occasion but due to unusual stress levels due to night navigation she was quieter than normal. Luckily for us we had a visitor … Blonde Two’s sister. She was a very welcome addition to the Blondes duo and stepped up beautifully to serenade us with a whole variety of songs. As we left the car park at lunch time we were treated to the Wombles theme tune! But most bizarre was a very dark, wet and misty evening rendition of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights to lighten the mood. It worked a treat and I’m sure that Blonde Two will admit to feeling strangely cheered at the sound of two women warbling on a creepy desolate moorland! A perfect choice!