By: Blonde Two

If I had to write a list of the things that we Blondes have organised over the years, it would stretch a long way across Dartmoor and, of course, the writing of it would be a very organised thing to do. I am not sure whether or not women are better organisers than men but being good at the organisation game takes a bit of practice if you don’t want to instead end up being good at the emergency game. In the 10 years we have been friends we Blondes have organised:

  1. Expeditions in the UK
  2. Expeditions around the world
  3. Expeditions to our back gardens
  4. Expeditions that have involved posh hotels
  5. Expeditions that have involved sleeping in bags on beaches
  6. Expeditions that have gone really well
  7. Expeditions that have required some mid-expedition reorganisation
  8. Expeditions with adults (challenging creatures adults!)
  9. Expeditions with an unknown but large number of young people
  10. Expeditions with multi purposes and therefore multi-packing requirements

In short we are convinced that we women can organise just about anything… except maybe the weather. A recent winter Dartmoor wild camping course however demonstrated that we couldn’t organise snow, ice, blizzards or even a frosty morning. We did, however, organise some supremely atmospheric mist… it was so good that none of us could see anything, we could have been anywhere… but we still had fun!