By: Blonde Two

Work life balance is a phrase that I imagine originally described a happy equilibrium between the things you do to clothe and house your family and the things you do for enjoyment.

Over the last three days, for various reasons, these two things have merged for the Two Blondes who found themselves out on the moors undertaking a three day assessment for Mountain Training’s Walking Group Leader award.  It has been an interesting time to say the least.

Hours of plodding through upland, downland and just about any sort of land bogs has taken its toll on our boots, muscles and at times, morale.  During the night navigation assessment (yes it was proper dark) Blonde One ended up thigh deep in a bog.  Being an excellent navigator and despite losing her left leg for a few minutes, she knew exactly where she was.  No drifting off the path for the Two Blondes, we walk into bogs on purpose!

We have found tors, stone rows, hut circles, tin workings, streams, walls and strange holes in the ground.  We have done it in the sunshine, the mist and the dark (to be honest, Blonde Two didn’t do so well in the dark).  We have answered questions on rock formation, land usage, bird life, caterpillars, group work and weather systems.  I am still not sure whether or not we enjoyed it all, it was certainly hard work, smelly and stressful but the company was good and we learnt a lot.  The important thing is that we did it – Blonde One was successful despite the bog incident and Blonde Two has to do some more night time bog navigation before she gets a complete pass.

So well done us and thanks to Spirit of Adventure for their encouragement and guidance, and to Foxtor Cafe for their amazing packed lunches.  We have considered knitting as an alternative hobby several times over the last few days.  Every now and again though, it does everyone good to face a challenge;  “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” (Nietzsche).