By: Blonde Two
Warning: This post contains annoying technical language and doesn’t mention going outside at all!

You might remember that ‘way-back-when’ we Two Blondes christened our little world of blogging Blondeness a ‘jobby‘. A jobby, we decided was our cross between a job (which entails lots of work) and a hobby (which gives much pleasure but no money). This is still generally the case although our jobby these days does give us some lovely perks, great equipment to review and even the occasional trip away. Unless we start charging you all for your breakfast reading (actually most of you read the Blonde Blog at lunchtime), writing blog posts will remain a service and a labour of love rather than a form of employment.

Please don’t worry, charging definitely isn’t on the Blonde agenda (you are all far too sensible to pay anyway) BUT, I have recently discovered something that appears to be revolutionising my life. PEOPLE WILL PAY ME TO WRITE BLOG POSTS!

I have been in that state in which we all, from time to time, find ourselves; that is the state of needing to make money. I have had some job interviews (one in Scotland) and some job offers, but nothing has quite come together as I would have liked it to. They say that necessity is the mother of invention (‘necessity’ was obviously Blonde) and indeed this appears to be the case. I have turned my hand to looking online for freelance writing jobs.

Oh my goodness! I have to say I was surprised (and pleased) to find out that there is a whole world out there that doesn’t want to do any writing. This is a shock to me because: a) I really love writing, b) I didn’t know there was a requirement for it, c) I hadn’t really registered that I had a skill. Let me explain more about these people who need writing. The marketing world these days runs online, in order to successfully market a product online you need to have websites that get picked up by the search engines (usually Google). One of the main ways to get picked up by search engines is to include good quality copy on your site. Copy is writing, sometimes but not always blog writing. This writing needs to be of interest to as many people as possible and contain important things like key words. There is a bit more to it than that (it is called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation) but apparently, without even trying, I have become quite good at this.

I am still learning, for example I upset one of the major freelance sites last week. Working out how to price jobs has been interesting but I currently have clients in Singapore, Australia and the USA. In fact I have, almost by accident, become a ‘telecommuter’ (and have just bid to write an article on the subject). I did not, by the way, bid on the jobs that involved ‘dating advice for people with herpes’, ‘ten advantages of smoking cannabis’ or ‘erotic novel needs editing’ (I am not making this up!). My aim is to pay my half of next month’s B2 household income through writing alone. I am about half way there (at least my spreadsheet is), proving, I guess, that you can turn a jobby into a job after all!

PS If you are a business and have been thinking about including a blog on your website. Do get in touch at to have a chat. I’ll even let you call me Fi!