By: Blonde Two

Today I am back at work.  I won’t complain, I like my job, have had a lovely long holiday and have squeezed in more walking than I was expecting to.  It is odd though, swapping from holiday Blonde to work Blonde once more.

I have filed my nails, bought a new mascara (waterproof for the moors of course) and put on a dress for the first time in ages.  I managed to put my tights on without laddering them – merino thermals are so much easier to manage, and I have discovered that I can still walk in “girl shoes” despite them not being as comfy as my slippers or walking boots.  Last night, I repacked my work rucksack (would look smarter with a handbag but rucksacks feel so much more fun) and put my walking one away in the cupboard.

I am not sad, I am excited.  The Two Blondes have plenty of walking and blogging ahead of us this year and I can see Dartmoor from my window at work.  There is much to look forward to and many adventures to be had.  The only question now is, how many days will it be before one of the Blondes suggests an after work escape to the moors?