By: Blonde One

Happy World Book Day!

How clever of someone to devote a whole day to books. Fabulous! I hope you are able to enjoy some time reading some lovely books today. I know I will.

I have two recommendations for you, especially you ladies. Both are written by women who have explored the great outdoors in an incredible way.

The first is our fellow #GetOutside Champion Phoebe Smith. Phoebe has written several books and all are interesting and well worth a read. They will inspire and motivate you to get out there and explore our fantastic country from the comfort (or not) of your tent or bivvy bag. ‘Wild Nights’ is a particularly good one and follows Phoebe as she sleeps in several of the countries ‘…est’ places: lowest, highest, remotest, etc. She does it alone and encourages you to give it a go to experience first hand that amazing sense of freedom that she achieves by leaving the beaten track.

My next recommendation is ‘Wild’ written by Cheryl Strayed. It documents Cheryl’s journey along the 1100 miles of America’s west coast. It’s an epic book that will make you laugh and cry. She goes from a 26 year old whose life is falling apart to a solo trekker doing an amazing thing to repair some of the damage. I’m not sure it inspired me to take on the challenge of this particular trek but it certainly was an amazingly good read.