By: Blonde Two

Apparently yesterday was ‘World Menopause Day’, which was bang in the middle of ‘National Map Reading Week’, which is maybe a combination (and only a nearly menopausal woman is allowed to say this) that the ‘National Day’ and ‘World Day’ people should avoid in the future. (Please note here that nearly menopausal women can read maps, as testified by my article for Ordnance Survey).

Much as we all seem to like them, I have a feeling that there may be too many ‘National’ and ‘World’ days. For example, yesterday I got confused, forgot that it was ‘World Menopause Day’ or even ‘National Map Reading Week’ and replaced it in my head with Devon ‘Go to the Supermarket and Come Out Scoffing a Packet of Pork Scratchings Day’.

As I believe I am ‘of that age’ I just had a look at a glossary of menopause terms and became very confused as whether my body has currently decided to be in ‘peri’ or ‘pre’ menopause or whether I just get a bit hot and grumpy from time to time.

Its okay though because I have discovered the perfect cure for ‘hot and grumpy’, I defy any woman’s body to continue sweating after a dip in an English sea (or apparently an Irish Lough). Admittedly this could be an awkward form of symptom relief for those who work in an office, nobody likes wet patches on the carpet. However, for me, cold water swimming has provided both relief and amusement at the method of relief.

Even more proof that getting outside is good for you!