By: Blonde Two

Whilst Blonde One and I were staying in Princetown (such a treat) this week, we found time to pop into the High Moorland Visitor Centre (it has won prizes you know).

You should too! At the moment (until September 9th) they have a fabulous exhibition by the Dartmoor Trust, all about Dartmoor and the role it and its people played in World War One.

WW1 Princetown

It is one of the most personal exhibitions that I have ever visited, with letters, poems and comments from a wide range of people who were involved in the war effort. For example, if you visit, you can read the story of Gordon Huxley who lost a leg after fighting in Gallipoli but still continued to work on ships taking Australian soldiers back home. You can find out why Dartmoor women spent their time sewing sphagnum moss into bags and you can understand the impact on farmers of losing both their horses and their workforce.

It is hard to imagine any war having an impact on Dartmoor’s wild spaces, but it obviously did. One reporter in 1914 refers to ‘peaceful Devonshire’ but he also points out how the war is gradually increasing its impact on Dartmoor.

If you want to find out more, get yourself up to Princetown this summer and give yourself some time to wonder around the High Moorland Centre. You won’t regret it!