By: Blonde One

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Yarner Wood

A little exploration around a local woodland never fails to disappoint. This time Mr Blonde One and I explored Yarner Wood which sits on the edge of east Dartmoor. We only walked for an hour or so but saw plenty to keep us interested in our surroundings. The notice boards were interesting and helpful, the paths were well maintained and the opportunity to sit and watch the world go by were plentiful. Yarner Wood is a National Nature Reserve (see the blue duck?!) and is well looked after as a result. The fabulous oak trees had obviously shed their leaves to provide us with a soft carpet to walk on and I had fun leaf scuffling for a while.

My only caveat with walking in woodland is that they are notoriously difficult to navigate! It is easy to get a little disorientated since all the paths look very similar. I recommend leaving a trail of crumbs at the very least!