By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I went to Dartmoor yesterday. This is the text message that I sent her between showering and eating breakfast:

Bottle not bladder, yellow rain, winter trousers, eyes, flask.

Did you understand it? If you did then you almost certainly speak Blonde. ‘Winter trousers’ and ‘flask’ need no translation, ‘bottle not bladder’ referred to my chosen water container and ‘eyes’ meant contact lenses not glasses.

‘Yellow rain’ however, defeated even Blonde telepathy and I had to explain myself when I arrived at the B1 residence. ‘Yellow Rain’ was not a reference to dire childhood warnings about eating yellow snow, but rather an indicator of the Met Office’s ‘Yellow Warning’ of rain on Dartmoor.

Dartmeet Flood 2015

It might just be my poor timing, but every recent viewing of the Dartmoor forecast has displayed the dreaded yellow triangle. The chaps and chapesses at the Met Office weren’t wrong, Dartmoor is very wet at the moment, I would say positively over-flowing with ‘Yellow Rain’!