By: Blonde Two

On Monday morning I was determined to get back into the sea after a break of a few days. I was thrilled to see that a few of my like-minded swimming friends were feeling the same, despite the fact that there was a howling gale outside (I have told Gale to stop howling several times but she is paying no attention).

I arrived at the seafront early and it was so cold that, despite a very thick and cushion-like down jacket, I had to walk up and down to keep warm, whilst I waited for my companions. Entering the sea wasn’t exactly painful but it did bring a few choice words to my lips and I was glad of my unglamorous orange neoprene swimming hat to protect my head (note picture below of my sister wearing said hat and managing to look glamorous!)

The waves were bolshie and multidirectional, which meant that we decided to exit the sea, after a reasonable dip of at least 10 minutes, via the beach and 50 metres or so away from our changing spot. 50 metres with bare feet on cold concrete was far more bracing than I imagine the same distance on hot coals would have been and I was glad to get back to my towel robe and stand on my dry bag.

We were changed in record time but even a quick jog along the prom didn’t warm me up. I was encouraged though by the laughter that I heard from people behind me as I speed walked back up to the car. ‘How lovely,’ I thought, ‘that everyone is so happy this morning.’

It wasn’t until I had got into the car, started the engine and looked in the mirror that I realised that the laughter had been more at me than with me. My head was lovely and warm… because I still had my neoprene hat on!