By: Blonde One

While we were in Morocco it was the Muslim period of Ramadan. This is a month long religious time when Muslims will fast between sunrise and sunset. The fasting is intended to teach self-discipline, remember the poor and increase generosity. Most Muslims will pray more during this time and attempt to read the Qur’an. Not only will food and drink (including water) be given up but so will any bad habits like smoking. Even when our guide, Hassan, escorted us on our 11 hour trek up Mount Toubkal, he didn’t eat or drink anything. He would have eaten a meal before sunrise and would not eat again until after sunset. This was no mean feet when climbing a mountain. Mohammed, our chef for the week, cooked and served the most delicious of food and mint tea with a generous smile, even though he would not be able to eat or drink any of it himself. Some people have suggested that people may be a little grumpy during this time and I think that they would be perfectly entitled to that. However, the people that we met were in no way grumpy. Clearly it would take a lot of will power to maintain this abstinence but their faith was strong enough to see them through. How many of us can say that we have a faith this strong? I am sure that if we are honest, not many of us. I was, and remain in awe!