By: Blonde One

1. You’re sat in a waiting room and you choose Devon Life instead of Cosmopolitan.

2. You’re most exciting purchase is a new map to replace your old battered one (but of course you don’t throw the old one away).

3. You have to stop at B&Q on the way home from work to buy meths for the Trangias.

4. You get excited by a trip to the docs surgery because it’s to get travel jabs.

5. You would rather snuggle up into a down sleeping bag than a quilt.

6. Three sets of underwear for an 8 day trip seems excessive.

7. Brushing your teeth inside a tent, using a mug instead of a tap is acceptable.

8. You turn down a hot shower at a friends house during an expedition in favour of a hot chocolate and early night.

9. It is okay to have a house covered in grass and mud.

10. All topics of conversation are acceptable with fellow expeditioners (especially Blonde ones).

How outdoorsy are you?!