By: Blonde Two

Dear Blondees and Blondettes

This weekend the Two Blondes are out on another Duke of Edinburgh expedition.  This weekend it is our Bronze’s real expedition and we are really looking forward to it.  This is nothing to do, of course, with the fair weather forecast or the fact that we will not be walking with the young ones and will have time for the odd coffee and some leisurely tent pitching.  It is fun spying on them though and popping up in unexpected places.  Hopefully we, and their assessor will see only good things and hear only happy voices.

While we are away, we need your help with a very important decision.  Dartmoor National Park and the British Trust for Ornithology have worked together this year to tag and track four of our lovely Dartmoor cuckoos as they return to Africa this Winter.  You can read all about it and link to the cuckoo’s tracks on the website below.

We Two Blondes have enjoyed the cuckoos so much this year that we would like to sponsor one of them (you can too!).  We are explorers and navigators ourselves at heart and it is impossible not to admire these cheeky birds’ migration feat.  Our tricky decision is which one to sponsor.  We definitely approve of their Dartmoor based names;  Dart, Tor, Ryder and Whortle.  They have already been out and about around Devon, you can have a look at what they have been up to here –

Can you have a look at their antics so far and let us know which one you think would suit the Two Blondes best.  Remember, we are slightly crazy and love to explore -it might also be worth noting that we are often late home!

Must go now, Blonde One is trying to put the tent carpet down and I am definitely getting in the way – I really can’t create under these conditions!